Holman House Site Visit, Derby

Earlier this year, Stephen Carrick Architects and Nyikina Incorporated received development approval to begin the transformation of Holman House into the home of Nyikina Incorporated new cultural tourism centre and offices.

The Stephen Carrick Architects team recently re-visited Derby to meet with Nyikina Incorporated representatives, builder, trades and authorities to start the process of bringing the documentation and conservation planning to life for the client, the community of Derby and surrounding areas.

Holman House and Dr Lawson Holman played a pinnacle role in improving health care and extending the range of medical services for the regional area from 1956 – 1970.

Nyikina Incorporated is an Indigenous community organisation with cultural education, research, training and evaluation expertise. The new cultural precinct will be a space for the community to learn about the Nyikina culture and engage in educational programs.

The Stephen Carrick Architects team look forward to bringing the cultural centre to life for Nyikina Incorporated whilst conserving the simple forms of the north-west Kimberley style of architecture. It will soon benefit and support the community again in a new way.

Holman House Site Visit, Derby