Cue Site Visit

In August 2015, a Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) was prepared by Stephen Carrick Architects for the Shire of Cue to evaluate the proposal to adapt the former Cue Post Office building to a Community Resource Centre (CRC).

The former Cue Post Office, built in 1895, is included in the State Register of Heritage Places as part of the Cue Public Buildings. It is a landmark building in the main street at the northern end of the townsite. The cultural heritage significance of the place is assessed as having aesthetic, historic, social and landmark values.

Suzanne Hunt Architect and Stephen Carrick Architects, in association, have prepared a design scheme. The scheme accommodates a Community Resource Centre, Visitor Centre for tourist information, Cue Shire Library Service, Op Shop, Interpretation/Exhibition spaces, Multi-purpose space for social gatherings, and Offices. The design scheme is aimed at achieving a new community use for a vacant building that embraces contemporary design, undertakes conservation works and meets building standards.

Works to the former Cue Post Office commenced in June 2017.

Cue Site Visit Cue Site Visit Cue Site Visit