Built Form and Character Study


In September 2017, Stephen Carrick Architects took on a new and exciting project with the Town of Bassendean. We were appointed by the Town to undertake the Bassendean Built Form and Character Study.

The Western Australian Planning Commission Report, ‘Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million’ states that there will be a requirement for an additional estimated 4,200 residential dwellings in Bassendean by 2050. This represents a 70% increase from the current number which will have great impact on local infrastructure, development style and vehicle traffic. The Town acknowledged the need to accommodate this growth and revise it’s current 2015 Local Planning Strategy. The aim of the Built Form and Character Study is to inform the revision of the strategy.

The Town of Bassendean and Councillors raised concerns for the future of Bassendean’s character, sense of community and identity with residential growth in mind. Our team came on board to review the current character and identified 26 notional character areas and to deliver design responses and advice to cater for this growth while maintaining the valued and respected identity of Bassendean. Through careful design and siting, new development can be sensitively incorporated in ways that do not significantly detract from the characteristics and features of the area that are most valued.

We completed this project in May 2018 and look forward to seeing Bassendean’s identity thrive in the future development and growth of the Town.