Holman House


Holman House was built as a doctor’s residence adjacent to the Derby Hospital in 1916. The house was designed by architect, Hilton Beasley, and built by Owen Ah Chee. There was a succession of doctors residing in the house over time.

In 1956, Dr Lawson Holman and his wife Janet arrived in Derby and soon resided in the house. During Holman’s stay in Derby he campaigned to improve health care and extend the range of medical services for the regional area.

In 1986, Holman House (a State Registered Place) was relocated from the town of Derby to its current location on the corner of Derby Highway and Gibb-River Road.

Stephen Carrick Architects prepared a Conservation Plan for the National Trust of Australia (WA) on behalf of Nyikina Inc., an Indigenous community organisation in November, 2010. The Conservation Plan was prepared in acknowledgment of the cultural heritage value of the place and to recognise the need to have appropriate conservation planning in place to guide the future of the place.

After visiting the site once more in December 2016, SCA have prepared a schematic design scheme for Nyikina Inc. for the conservation and adaptation of Holman House as a cultural centre and offices.

The project is currently in Development Application phase.