Narembeen Lesser Hall


A Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) was prepared by Stephen Carrick Architects, for the Shire of Narembeen, in June 2015 for the Lesser Hall. The HIS supported the demolition of the building due to the loss of original detail, the very poor physical condition of the place and the documented lack of future use.

In August 2015, the State Heritage Office approved the demolition of the building with the condition that a detailed Archival Record and Interpretation Plan were prepared.

In June 2016, Stephen Carrick Architects in association with Zebra Creative prepared an Interpretation Plan for the site of the Narembeen Lesser Hall. The Interpretation Plan has assisted in providing a recording of the social and historical values of the Narembeen Lesser Hall and has also provided a broad scope of interpretive elements that could be implemented in and surrounding the footprint of the Hall.

Narembeen Lesser Hall has now been demolished and the Shire is currently underway with implementing the interpretive elements devised by SCA and Zebra Creative for the site.